Swimming Has a Rhythm

It wasn’t until today that I noticed what I thought was very interesting. Swimming has a rhythm. It has a pattern also. Practicing a pattern over and over will allow a rhythm to emerge.

Lessons from the Pool: Finding My Song!

Today I got in the pool for the third time as I train for my pending triathalon at the beginning of next month.

I did alright. I watched a video the other day of how to properly do a stroke, the freestyle catch – by Chloe Sutton, a two-time Olympic swimmer – shown on You Tube. So, today I employed the catch for the second time. I struggled. There is so much to remember. Am I doing it right? I did not notice so much yesterday while at the gym, but today because my pool is much smaller, I had to focus on getting in all right in just a few strokes. So, I was very conscientious of every movement and how my body was orchestrating or not. Breathing, stroking and kicking – they’ve got to all work together – this is something I gathered on my own and was trying to figure it all out. What is the best form? What is the best form for me? Be consistent with every stroke. Get it right.

It wasn’t until today that I noticed what I thought was very interesting. Swimming has a rhythm. It has a pattern also.

I feel that practicing a pattern over and over will allow a rhythm to emerge. Makes sense!! We’ll see!


This is my thought!

There’s a stroke pattern, a breathing pattern, and a hip-swivel pattern that should coordinate with the pattern you use with kicking. The body parts and function of each, each have their own style and pattern, but they must work together like an orchestra to strike the perfect concordant harmony, or your style is discordant, labored and rhythmically disjoined, in addition to being inefficient. This is what I found today.

I may be totally off, but the brief moments I had gotten a rhythm, I was following somewhat of a pattern. Two strokes and breath, breath on the left, swivel the hips to coordinate with your stroke! These are my patterns so far. I liked what I found for me! So, tomorrow, I will practice more, putting it all together for my concordant style.

I have not learned anything about swimming other than that brief video I watched, and a bit of 4-11 Tim, my neighbor, dropped on my when he saw me swim the other day that my feet should be under the water when I kick because that’s how Michael Phelps does it. Well, I looked at one of his video’s, also, and it looked like they were above and below. I employed the below bit, and with the hip-swivel corresponding with my arm stroke, I began to feel a bit rhythmic, and more powerful. It was pretty interesting.

Swimming is a struggle for me, but I’m now looking for my song, so that’s okay. I’m getting it little by little and feel more accomplished already after just today with my lesson learned, and my intrigue for tomorrow awaits. I will look forward to developing my patterns more as I swim in the big pool, and incorporate what I have learned, and will anticipate my practiced patterns will allow my rhythm to emerge!

Swim on.



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