Progressing through the Process: T Minus 10 days till Triathalon

Experience in the pool is paying off.
I’m having confidence in my ability.
I keep focusing on my rhythm and pattern of breathing and stroking on two, and I’m making it.

I swam 7 laps and I only had 10 to go. HA! Only 10 to go – I love that I thought that!


Experience in the pool is paying off. This afternoon as I approached the pool, “I’m excited,” is what I thought as I kicked off my flip flops and began to step in. Yesterday I had done it. Now, it was a matter of just getting it done. I had just biked 10 miles and ran a mile and a half and I was showering off preparing for my swim, and thought to do 17 laps today, because I could. 😊

It gave me energy too – having confidence in my ability.

I got in and got right to it. Had the pool to myself for starters. I went for it. I was better able today to breath as I swam. Perhaps it’s because there were no distractions. Yesterday as I swam, I found myself distracted and had a hard time regulating my breathing, concerning myself instead of those around me which eventually worked me into a panic attack of sorts because my strokes and breathing were off, and I was projecting the possibility of drowning if that happened at the meet and I couldn’t stop along the side to catch my breath.

That freaked me out and kept occurring. I began to think on applicable scripture to cover me which eventually led to me forgetting about my distraction, and, focusing instead on my pool maneuvers! I got my stride eventually, and all was good.

Today, I was doing so well. I remembered the feeling of the stroke rhythm I got yesterday with my arm helping me propel from the water. Today my other arm felt like it was doing all the work, and it hurt. I wasn’t sure why except maybe I did something to it while on the weights earlier that I hadn’t noticed. I’m not sure. I just went with It, not worrying about it, and kept focusing on my rhythm and pattern of breathing and stroking on two!

By the time I got 7 laps down, I only had 10 to go (HA! Only 10 – love that I thought that!) and was doing so well I thought I’d just sing a song. Nothing else was occupying my mind. I was doing it!! Well. 😊

I wasn’t distracted, I was able to breath, and I wasn’t worried about drowning. No songs came to mind. I began creating silly little rhyme sayings that went along with whatever lap I was on.

I on 9 and doin’ fine. I’m on 8 and feeling great. I’m on 7, I’m in heaven, ain’t got no leaven. I couldn’t think of a good rhyme for six. I got to 3 and I was free, I was on 2 and I was almost through, and finally I was on one, and I was done!

Well done! My times are not fast, but I’m making progress.

That’s one of the reasons I think I am keen on process – there is progress!

We all enjoy progress.

I have only worked out 14 hours in 3 weeks. That doesn’t seem like much at all but I’m making strides! Especially with the swim! I’m so glad I’m making it!!

Rounded Tracking Distance/Time:

Swim – 4 hours – don’t know my distance, but over 2 miles (No, I wasn’t swimming in a wave pool!!:))

Bike – 6 hours, 108 miles (Avg: 3.3 mi/hr – this can’t be right! – I’m NOT that fast! Today I did 10 miles in 42 minutes.)

Run – 4 hours, 22 miles  (Actual avg: 11.53 mi/hr – this is totally right – I’m pretty slow. Funny when I figured my time I remembered what it was in high school – I ran a 12-minute mile. I’m making progress!)

My goals for the next 8 days (taking 2 days off) will be to ramp it up more – more triathalon training – all three events in one day. Maybe do spin classes – I can do 14 miles in 40 minutes there! More running too – maybe outside to better condition myself to the reality I will endure. We’ll see. Happy I’m making progress.

I have so much energy tonight it’s encouraging.

I have previously been so spent as I have trained, but the more I exercise, the more energy I have.

The more we do, the more we get.

Loving progressing!



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