A Cookie on God

So this is funny. I am at Barnes and Noble’s writing. When I arrived, I went to the Starbucks counter here and was realized I only had $10 on me which would not pay for my full order of a latte, soup and a cookie. So, I chose to be healthy in my selection and got the soup.

I’ll leave my disappointment at, “I wish I would have gotten the peanut butter cup cookie.”

I was lamenting it a bit, thinking to go to my car and get some more money so I could have some good bites, but decided against that, as well. I sat here awhile and finished putting my blog together about Coffee on God when the woman next to me got up to leave, held up a receipt, and asked, “Would you like a free cookie?” I was so delighted. It minor-ly paralleled about what I’d just written.

Turns out, I have to buy a cookie to get a free extra cookie.

Well, I have just scoured this bag of mine figuring there MUST be some money in the bottom on this thing somewhere. Turns out, it had it. I have almost $10 more bucks.

I will redeem my free extra cookie! Even know I won’t really get a completely free cookie, I’ll still got a free cookie. And, its nice to report too, that these days, I have enough money to buy my own delights = food and coffee.

Have a good night. I’m off to redeem my cookie! Yum!!


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