What I like about Me. What I am Celebrating about Me:)

Celebrating me. My birthday was earlier this month which had me reading my birthday card from a friend of almost 30 years – crike!. One of the things he suggested was to celebrate all month. I thought I would take this to heart, but I did not know what that meant to me or would look like. So, I thought what I might celebrate. Came up with ways to celebrate me, like taking myself to the salon to get a mani-pedi or to go get a massage – neither of which I ever did.

I got a bit derailed early on because of a tiff I had with my housemate that left me distracted. 10 days later, last night found me laying in bed thinking about making the best of me, my life, what I want for this year, how I will achieve what I want, and back to celebrating who I am and what that would look like. What I came up with was simply what is worth celebrating me for – what would I celebrate about myself if I could, because I am 🙂

My natural inclination for some time has been to be highly critical. I have heard by people that I am a perfectionist. One of my bosses first told me this some years back. I had no idea, but when I told it to my aunt, she totally agreed. Maybe I was. I finally did come to terms with it, but have since let go of it’s strong hold on me. It’s pretty freeing.

I have found my inclination for scrutiny, and perhaps also criticism, has likely come from my inner teacher, but mainly from living in a world for a period of time where I grew up where there were lots of lies and justifications for things that I felt were either unjustifiable or were excuses for people to behave badly, but I of which I never bought. Now, as an adult I have little tolerance for b.s. I can be real with what I know and believe now, and will call myself, or others, on the b.s.

I know for a long time I only looked at what was wrong with me – putting myself down. Never building myself up. I am not big on putting down myself – I realize what my issues are and ask for the Lord’s help in overcoming them, however, but I have learned that putting me down only keeps me down. I can still celebrate who I am while also working on changing what needs changing.

When thinking about celebrating me, I found things to celebrate. I thought, “What do I like about me?” I lay in bed last night stunned that the ideas were brimming. In a celebratory factor, I went for it, not worrying about boasting, because I was simply honoring where I am in this journey in which I presently am, and I like it.

I also took this idea to work with me this morning – asking every one of my students to say 1 thing they like about who they are – mentally, physically, spiritually – what ever they like. I realize many of us are scrutinizing, and we often overlook the good while under the scope, so my prayer this morning was to honor my students. What “I” came up with was to ask them, “What do you like about you?” What I found was no surprise – it was difficult for many to find anything they like. Sad too. I stayed with them until they came up with something. I put it in their minds and encouraged them to continue looking for things in themselves to honor, and to build themselves up, but also to work on what may see in themselves that needs improving, and to do that also.

So, here’s what I found for me. These are some items I like about me, what I feel celebratory about for me! Maybe I I will come up with more later, but for now, here’s what I’ve got: I’ve got dozens of reasons to celebrate me.

Here goes: What I like about Me:

  1. I like that I am curious
  2. I like that my body responds well to health food and fitness quickly
  3. I like that I can eat a lot and burn it quickly – I like my enzymes!
  4. I like my mind
  5. I like that I am cheerful and able to cheer up myself
  6. I like that I know the word of God and believe it
  7. I like that I am a faithful woman
  8. I like that I practice the word of God
  9. I like that prayers of mine are heard by God and answered
  10. I like that I know the Lord and He knows me
  11. I like that I am my own best friend
  12. I like that I have done a couple of triathlons
  13. I like who I am as a little sister to my brother
  14. I like that I prize truth and beauty most of all
  15. I like that I love love
  16. I like that I love nature and find beauty within it
  17. I like that I love
  18. I like that I am hopeful
  19. I like that I am positive
  20. I like that I am encouraging to myself and to others
  21. I like that I am silly
  22. I like that I am fun
  23. I like that I am spontaneous
  24. I like that I am kind and friendly
  25. I like that I am full of peace
  26. I like that I am interested in plants and medicine
  27. I like that I like science
  28. I like that I am privileged feeling – that I know my every day  conveniences are privileged. I like that I enjoy simple pleasures, plane rides, coffee, breakfast on Sunday mornings in an outdoor café with the sun shining and cool breeze and bustle around me
  29. I love my sight – I like that I am grateful for it and my taste buds.
  30. I like that I know what I like and don’t like in relationships
  31. I like that I like people
  32. I like that I know that I get to be me and what that means
  33. I like that I have come around and let hate go and find love in my eyes where I see my mom
  34. I like that I can state my mind and I know the importance of speaking my truth
  35. I like that I know my hardships have brought me here and that I see
  36. I like that I make myself matter now
  37. I like that I know what responsibility feels like and like that I like how it feels
  38. I like that I like myself at 48
  39. I like that I am susceptible to suggestions – like the written statement in my birthday card to “celebrate all month” led me here – to figure out what that would look like for me? I have come up with things about myself to celebrate and here is what I have come up with so far – celebrating what I like about me.
  40. I like that I have stopped stopping at critical and constructing something from it instead.
  41. I like that I have taken my mom’s suggestion to enjoy getting to know every aspect of who I am, and to take the time to get to know me and then to be her, and to love all of the parts of being me.
  42. I like that I like a challenge
  43. I like that I have an adventurous spirit
  44. I like that I am a child at heart – fun and playful and kind
  45. I like that I am serious
  46. I like that I am discerning
  47. I like that I am better at decision making
  48. I like that seek peace within myself, with others
  49. I like that I am cute and I like that I like cute
  50. I like that I am honest
  51. I like that my body is aging well
  52. I like that I focus on for what I have to be grateful
  53. I like that I reset my mind
  54. I like that I have taken risks in important relationships
  55. I like that I do not cave when I am threatened with losing what matters to me over losing what is true to me, even when what matters is a dear member of my family
  56. I like that I love smart
  57. I like that I like to serve, to give, and to contribute to making others happy
  58. I like that I am an over-comer
  59. I like that I seek to be better
  60. I like that I like to play games
  61. I like that I dress well – most days (highly subjective)
  62. I like that I have good taste (also highly subjective)
  63. I like that I am creative
  64. I like that I am a good dancer
  65. I like that I am open-minded
  66. I like that I am fair
  67. I like that I am happy
  68. I like that I have a good work ethic – I am a dedicated worker
  69. I like that I am productive
  70. I like that I like who I am:)

What are you likely to celebrate about you?  There are many. Embrace the lovely.



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