Giving Out of My Poverty

God is faithful to give to you when you give to him. Giving with a pure heart brought me a great reward, pretty much immediately! God is so good.


One Sunday at church, while living in England, as I got ready to get out of my car, I thought to get some money for the offering. I only had 5 pounds on me – the equivalent of about $7.50. I didn’t have much money anyway those days despite that being all I had on me. I was on the verge of moving into a new place and money was tight. I thought I’d just give what I had.

My reality of, “this is really all I have to give” actually hit me, and brought me to a place of humility. I felt like crying. I felt so poor. I had so little. There was some sort of humility to that evening I remembered feeling in my car seeing all that I really had and feeling truly poor for the first time in my life.

My finances at that time had to do in part with the Lord having recently blessed me, having opened up for me a good place to live the last couple of months I’d be living in England. The rent I was to pay was a little over my budget, but I had wanted out of where I was living and was given the opportunity to do so, so I took it gratefully. I was broke.

The offering bag came by. I popped in the 5 pounds I had, and left it at that.

After church ended, Joy, the woman with whom I’d be living, approached me. I can’t remember what was said other than she informed me out of the blue what I found to be the deliberate reward from God for me having given to Him in the offering what I could.

She happened to tell me that she would be taking off 50 pounds off of my rent. “What?”  I was surprised. That was so phenomenal!

I was wowed by what she had just told me. It was like God deliberately just blessing me for what I’d done. I gave God what I could without even the thought of receiving anything in return, and He then blessed me right away in my efforts for what I gave in prompt return giving me back what I needed, a 50 pound reduction in rent. Wow.

It was neat to see Him in action like that. I love how He works, and with such expediency too. It’s amazing.

Remembering that I felt humbled, I feel it was the Holy Spirit upon me somehow showering me with grace to give, a humility-filled heart. I was blessed by my “poorness” that night, as Matthew 5:3 states, and mine was the Kingdom of Heaven.”

God gave me back an immediate 10 fold increase for that month of a blessing on what I had given to Him – over the next three months it would total a 30 fold increase totaling 150 pounds from my meager 5 pound offering. Thank you, Lord, God. That is so awesome.

He allowed Joy to help me too in the process. She could have also had excuses for why she needed the money, too. I found out later that she got the prompting to reduce 50 pounds from my rent while in church that evening, but listening and following through is the key. So glad she did. Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Joy!


It’s important to follow through. You never know who you’re going to bless or how you will be blessed if you follow through on an action. It’s good to follow through though because God is trustworthy and He’s always got the best plan for us all.

It shows that when we honor God, He may use others to honor us somehow, too.  Ultimately, it’s all from God though, isn’t it? 🙂 God was letting me know He was honoring me in doing what I could. He was being faithful to my giving.

There is a story in the bible about a widow who gave all that she had to live on – who gave out of her poverty, and, in that, Jesus tells us that she gave more than all those who gave out of there surplus, though theirs was clearly more, financially. This story is recounted in Matthew 12:44.

Being willing and faithful to give what we can is important. Whether it be of money or of time. God will provide the assistance we need. Psalm 23 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” We can trust that. He finds a way to give us back what we have given Him. I believe God uses many different circumstances to build our faith in Him too – to find Him working in our lives, to see Him. It’s so delightful to find Him working on our behalf. It is beautiful to see Him here, caring enough to show Himself. I feel like, “Who am I?” But I, like others, am His. I am His beloved daughter. I love that. If we did not know His word, I believe that we would likely have less opportunity to see Him gloriously working in our lives, although I didn’t know that bible verse before about giving out of your poverty before I did that.

I believe that God was developing my relationship with Him more, too, there during that time, clearly. That instance provided an opportunity for God to show me that He is with me, taking care of my needs, helping me through others, and providing for me help in my time of need. I’m reminded too that the poor state of my finances has often allowed me to “see” the “kingdom of heaven” it seems to me. I love that. It makes sense that Jesus said that it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” I get it. I get to see God’s gifts manifesting to me in so many ways in my need. I love it, still.

Luke 6:38 tells us, to “give, and it will be given to you.” God is our provider, our Jehovah Jireh. He will see us through. We can always give something, even if it’s just a little. God will restore us and may even increase what we have given by 30 fold!!




I thank you so much, Lord, and I love you, and thank you for helping me always, for showing me too through my circumstances that you are here helping me, caring for me and loving me in all that I need.

Thank you.



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