A Christmas Blessing – Being Alone and Fulfilled

This year, I spent Christmas morning by myself. What is the blessing in that? Knowing Jesus. I went to church last night in a perfunctory spirit, but then began to focus on Jesus and what his birth signifies to me on the way there – Oh Come All Ye Faithful began to spring from my mouth. Verbalizing this gratitude to Him this morning brought me to tears. It’s always such a grateful tear to think of truth in what he does for us – who he is. What a gift, for sure. Comfort and Joy, Yes!

What I took from the service was keep your light shining – that is the reason I wanted to go anyway – to be a part of the candle lighting ceremony – there is something beautiful about seeing people’s “lights shine” as they hold candles. Christ has given me so many reasons to shine, and to think of those is what I must do most – keeping my focus on Him, because yes, in all circumstances, that will give me peace and joy. 

I found two things from listening to the sermons these past weeks – about the joy and the peace of the season – of knowing Jesus. Sometimes we need to lose what is around us to find what is in us. That is what I have found this year. Focusing on Jesus because I have no family to focus on. It’s just me this year. So, focusing on Jesus in me this year is what I got welled up by – as I gave thanks for Him and all he has and does for me! So grateful for this relationship I have. I have always known of his peace and joy, but this year, I heard it in a way that made me really hear – it verbalized what I have experienced, and made it more real to me, and I now know this in a way that though I’ve known, needed to have heard it first, verbally, to make more truth and relevance out of it. He is peace and joy in me, Yes! I am “the joy of the Lord, and He is my strength😊.” Amen, amen.

I love that Jesus is in me and with me and for me and loves me and does give me peace and joy in and out of the storm – there is nothing like knowing the love of God, and that is what this season is, but knowing that is yours everyday is big, and is the gift that gives, forevermore. And, I…love…that! It’s forever. Never leaving or forsaking us.

So, being alone as a believer – I am never alone, and that I know, and believe. I feel his presence though I am alone. I love that!

That is what keeps me in peace and joy because I focus on who He is and the gratitude I have and so much more because of Him. There is no other relationship that provides me with this depth and knowing and certainty of what a relationship with the holy Christ provides to me.

In this way, may you know what love God has for you in all times, and where ever or whoever you are, in any season of your life. It is no greater gift or better love than that!

May you know that you are never alone, and if you are a non-believer, get the eternal gift of love in Jesus from God. Just ask, and you shall receive. He is for you and for us all😊 It’s a life-altering gift, for the much, much better. Just accept 😊


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays😊


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