Prayer for a Camera – 1 day and $2 – 3 later, “Say Cheese!”

Hi. There was a time when I had little money for anything else above what I needed to pay for my monthly bills. I had just moved into my new place. Money was tight. My rent cost was over half of what I made per month, and it made anything other than my basic necessities pretty much unaffordable.

I moved across from a park which I found to be so beautiful. I love nature. I feel like I see it. I appreciate it highly, and photographing it is something that gives me pleasure – to capture it.  I like different bark of trees, and when I walk, I often see angles which catch my attention, and strike me as worthy of photographing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy interest in, and love of, nature led me to desire to capture this beauty I was seeing. However, I didn’t have a camera. I didn’t have the money to buy a camera either.

As I walked along the park within a few days of being there, I recall specifically asking God if he would help me to get a camera. I was looking at this beautiful swirling bark like I’d never seen before, and firework-like floral blossom, and I wished I could capture it with a lens.

I asked God if He would help me to get one somehow. After all, what father would not want for his appreciative daughter to showcase His beautiful work, and in the process of it take such delight also?

I walked on. I let the prayer go up, and I continued to appreciate the new surroundings in which I got to have as mine.

Mike, my new landlord, informed me later that day that there was going to be a fund raiser in that park that next day – he thought I might want to get some new things for my place. Excellent! So, I headed over early that next morning.


Maybe they’d have a camera for me! He did not know of my desire for a camera, and I honestly did not have any intention of even finding a camera there, but I could acquire some new things pretty inexpensively for my new cottage.

There were a lot of people there. I’m not a yard-saler typically. I walked around seeing what interested me. I found a couple of items of interest for the kitchen. Then, I happened upon the one and only of its kind in the place… a new camera! It looked to be very nice too. It only required batteries which did seem a little odd to me, but I didn’t know a lot about photography or cameras other than I liked to capture nature’s beauty and cool angles and architecture.

I did wonder about its quality, but all of my items, including the camera, only came to only about $7. Yard sales, wow, they rock! So, it was great. If the quality was awful, well, I only spent a couple of bucks, so that was okay. Either way, it was more than I had which was nothing.


I got my goods, headed home and then off to the store where I bought some new batteries.

The testing-time had come. How would I find it?

I shot some photos and it was great. The quality was top notch. I couldn’t believe it, really, that it was in such good shape, and that it was so cheap, but, of course, God was at play. He’d already been working on the scene to help me out, so that should have been no surprise that he made me to have a good camera destined to meet my hot little hands. I love how God works. I was so excited that it was good, and inexpensive, and I actually had it manifested. I liked it so much. I love you, God!! God was so good to me during those times with all my monetary needs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

God, as He does, found a way to give me the desire of my heart with that camera that day. That’s so neat, I think.

My time those days focused more on knowing God than anything else. I was in a time of still delighting in Him, I guess, not busying myself with the idol of television. I believe God found a way to get me that camera, as a result, in an affordable way. That was so great!! I love that he provides us with the desires of our hearts, in particular, when we cannot provide them for ourselves, so to speak. There are definite perks to not having  a lot of money – you get the benefit of God in ways you’d likely otherwise not know if you could provide all your own stuff.

I headed back to the park almost immediately, taking incredibly lovely photos of the trees’ bark, trunk clusters of different palms, radiant water lilies and birds in predatory stances, and of the shimmering light on the moss that hung from the trees. It was all so beautiful to me! And what fun, too! I loved it. I got to enjoy many days around that park taking photographs. The Lord is so good to me.

Midway Beauty Park

A few verses of scripture come to mind: “See ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you,” and “In all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths.” Also, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” The first and last statements are pretty much the same for the most part, I guess.

I make reference to these scriptures because I felt they came to life in this circumstance for me, they applied. It’s just a reminder of A. How God gives us the desires of our heart when we seek Him first and that He will direct our paths to acquire what we need or what we want – – I got that camera for maybe $4 dollars, and it was excellent quality, and God made it known to me how to get it!, and B. I was reminded how God really cares about all the little things of our hearts and lives. He gave me just want I wanted, and at a price that I could afford. J

Jesus told us in Matthew 7:11, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” It’s always worth asking, wasn’t it? If it’s His will, we will not be denied it! I love that the camera was His will too. Also, I recall Jesus also says you have not because you ask not, but there’s also the caveat of asking according to the will of God. So, I guess that hot little camera was part of his awesome will. Awesome!!

I’m amazed at how God makes little things happen that are really so big to me. I love that – the small things in life often are so meaningful. It makes God more of a Father because those little things in life that He has come through on have fostered a delicate relationship with me showing me how intricately involved He is in every aspect and step of my life, and that He hears me and cares about all of the little things that matter to me, also! I love it. I find definite joy in that knowledge! Thank you, Lord, God.

I’m so grateful for a father like God. I’m also reminded that by these little, sweet, personal answered prayers, that God shows me that He does, and has, heard me, and that he responds, in this case, with a YES! He’s so awesome.

Thank you, Lord, God. I love you.



“God Loves You”…

When I took the pizza back to him, I told him I got him a soda too in case he’d like a little something else besides the beer! Also, as I parted, I told him  “God loves you” because I wanted him to know that truth!

That’s when he told me, “I know. He’s showing me through you. Thank you.”

We are to the be the hands and feet of god in this world. “Where is God?” people may ask.  Believers, we are God’s emissaries. We are to do his work for helping and loving others where we can.

I told this to a man, Tim, I’d met earlier tonight just before leaving him. “I know,” he replied. “He is showing me through you. Thank you.”

I pulled in to the area where I was going to get my dinner. This car pulled out and was blocking me from going in front of where I was going to park. I had to pull in or cause a scene that was unnecessary because I’d seen this young man sitting on the sidewalk and I didn’t want to park there.

I figured things weren’t great for him. I didn’t want to park in front of him and deal with his issue. Looks like I’m not getting out of this. I had to look at this. Why does this bother me? You can help him. There is inherently, at least within me it feels, I think an anger that rises up, like, why are you on the street? What happened? Why aren’t you doing your part? Why do I have to be the one to help you – to take care of you? I think it’s almost a resentment in that sense, but, before I let that go anywhere too far, I remembered that I can help him, simply – no need to take him in and take on all his issues, but I can give him something if he needs it. I didn’t have to do anything either. I just went with it – where I was being placed – in front of a man seemingly in need. I can help, if need be. I never used to think twice about giving money to people on the street.

I went in the store. On the way out, I had a hand full of money and my cream. “Hey lady, can you spare a couple dollars?” “Sure.” I went in my car, sorted out my situation and got my money card too because giving him a couple of bucks would cause me to need my money card. I got out of my car and went to him and handed him the money and inquired as to what is going on with him. He informed me he’d be on the street a minute because he’d had a fight with his cousin. While we talked a kid brought him a beer in a paper bag. He shared that alcohol is the only thing that makes him feel better right now. I took it upon myself at that point to ask about his salvation being that he was blessing me earlier with God after I’d given him the money, and I told him that God can give him peace beyond all understanding. I told him that God loves him and His will for him is not to be on the streets.

He told me he once lived righteously and chose the path he is on now again. I shared I’d done the same and it hurt me and others, but I chose again, and that God through Jesus will help him too.

My intention on talking to him about the Lord was that Jesus has the words of life. My few bucks would do no good in the long-run, but what I could share and pray for him may be what changes his mind and life in the long run, or plants a seed that is watered later by others, and brought to fruition, later still, by the Lord. But by whatever means it works out, I felt for the first time the urgency of providing the truth to this boy and sharing my testimony, in part, as well. If he lets Jesus in and trusts God with his life, he can change – God will shepherd him. That is more important than money. Still, I left him with a few bucks, told him the Lord loves him, and hopefully shared the good news in some saving way while I also prayed with him.

I prayed that he was saved among other things, but finally, too that he know the love of Christ and God as his Father. That is so important, at least it has been for me. I left it there, closed it out in Jesus’ name and went to the place next door to get my dinner. I’d asked him before I proceeded forward if he’d like some pizza, and he agreed to it! 🙂

When I took the pizza back to him, I told him I got him a soda too in case he’d like a little something else besides the beer! Also, as I parted, I told him  “God loves you” because I wanted him to know that truth!

That’s when he told me, “I know. He’s showing me through you. Thank you.”

We are to the be the hands and feet of god in this world. “Where is God?” people may ask.  Believers, we are God’s emissaries. We are to do his work for helping and loving others where we can.

For the first time, today, I truly spoke to and prayed for another, not out of my obligation of being a Christian (though those initial truths coming forth were not very Christ-like at all!). Today, I felt like I could really help him – that he needed help and Christ can truly help him. I know this to be true. For that, I felt I helped him, and that was good!